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Sneaky Symptoms - for your health

 By Emmanuel Binitie

EXPERIENCING AN OUT - of - left field health concern? Don't panic, but don't keep it to yourself. 

Tell your doctor.

           SpringsComm member Laraba's health mystery started with some stomach upset. "Then I suddenly started experiencing joint pain, swelling - I couldn't bend my elbows to pick up my young nephew" She recalls. "I was also suffering crazy fatigue, plus numbness of fingers and toes."

 Laraba wisely sought medical attention and discovered she had Celiac disease - a severe reaction to gluten. The moral of Laraba's story? Never assume a strange health occurrence that comes out of nowhere is harmless. The SpringsComm Connection asked some of the country's top physicians to  outline uncommon symptoms that can be serious, and that they want their patients to tell them about ASAP.

Sudden hearing loss

It's Saturday night out of the blue, you're dear in your left ear. You figure it's blocked earwax, so you wiggle your ear - but you still can't hear. You'll call your doc on Monday, right?

"No. head to the emergency room,"  says Michael D Seidman, M.D., director of otologic/neurotologic surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. "Most cases of sudden hearing loss turn out to be idiopathic, meaning we never know why they happen, and hearing does return. However, this can also be a presenting symptom of a tumor, or mean you could be a stroke."

        The National Stroke Association says other sudden symptoms that could indicate a stroke or transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke) include difficulty seeing out of one or both eyes; numbness or weakness on one side; trouble walking, talking or understanding words; and severe headache. Many of these symptoms can be confused with benign conditions such as migraine, but don't take a chance: If you experience any of these symptoms as briefly as 30 seconds to 10 minutes call for help.

Lines across your fingernails

Have you noticed skinny red brown marks running in the direction your nails grow? They could be splinter hemorrhages. "They can indicate endocarditis, an infection of the heart valves," explains Nieca Goldberg, M.D., director of the Women's Heart Program at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City.

"Other symptoms that may indicate this condition include chills, fatigue and shortness of breath."

Gasping for air.

In the event of breathing difficulties, when should you worry? "Whenever you're doing your normal level of activity or exercise and experience a change, such as realizing you're quite out of breath, call your doctor immediately," urges Emmanuel Binitie, Dr. at Emaluck Institute.

Causes of shortness of breath can range from low blood pressure to asthma to a heart attack or pulmonary embolism, according to the Mayo Clinic. It's impossible to know the potential severity of this problem unless you get it checked out.

Blood during a bathroom visit

If you notice blood in your stool, or even a bit of blood on toilet tissue after a bowel movement, don't ignore it. "This could be a sign of cancer," says Jacqueline L. Wolf, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "It could also be something less alarming, like hemorrhoids; a condition like diverticulitis, especially if the blood is bright red; or colitis.

You should always tell your doctor if you see signs of anal bleeding.

Canker Sores

You probably figure you bit the inside of your mouth while chewing food, but canker Sores can also be a little-known sign of Celiac disease, explains SpringsComn member Stefano Guandalini, M.D., founder and medical director of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. He says, "There are many unexpected symptoms that indicate Celiac. The good news is you can be diagnosed starting with simple blood test, then begin the process of eliminating your symptoms with a gluten - free diet."

       Laraba knows that when it comes to feeling better, knowledge is power: following her treatment, she's feeling great and imparts what she's learned as the Celiac Disease  Center's executive director. "I think any time you have a weird symptom, the key is to trust your gut," she explains. "Dont think you're being a hypochondriac. Press for a diagnosis; you know your body beat."

Tuesday, 1 August 2023

The business of helping the world


Social responsibility as a core business strategy

By Emmanuel Binitie

BEE FOUNDATION PRODUCES a line of spa products that are carried by upscale retailers and salons. Though headquartered in the Nigeria heartland of Benin City, Edo State, the company has brought big changes to a small village in rural Nigeria and offers hope to local women mired in poverty.

BEE FOUNDATION employed a group of traditionally marginalized village women who hand-produce the products (which includes liquid soap, disinfectants and other confectionaries). "The impact on the women's lives has been dramatic. Our business gave them disposable income for the first time ," says SpringsComm member Felicia.
Wanting to give something back, the company began paying for the education of their employees' children, and later for the education of the women themselves. BEE Foundation ongoing effort not only performs a social good, it earns dividends for the company. "We cultivate a happy workforce, and have virtually eliminated quality control problems because we have such loyal employees," says Felicia.
During a subsequent visit to the Felicias in Nigeria, a worker commented with a smile, "Oh,  that daughter of mine - She's always got her nose in a book." It was a defining moment, one of which the Felicias are very proud. The seemingly impossible had become possible.
"Being socially responsible can create invaluable opportunities and connect with your market on a much deeper level," says Felicia. "We started educating kids in Nigeria because it was the right thing to do, but once we let people know , it led to numerous media appearances that booster sales well over 25 percent. That kind of exposure is invaluable for any company - but for a small business, it's practically a miracle."

Strategic Social Responsibility

A company's proven commitment to a worthy cause is a strong way to build brand loyalty. Strategic social responsibility goes further than traditional charity by blending enlightened self-interest with addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges.
Recent studies show that consumers look for companies that support social and environmental change . The 2021 Cone/Echo Global CR opportunity study, a 10 - Country survey, found that 94 percent of consumers were likely to switch brands to one that supports a cause if both brands are similar in price and quality, and 65 percent had already purchased a cause-related product in the past 12 months.
"Social responsibility has finally entered the mainstream," says SpringsComm member Felix. "Social responsibility helps businesses stand out in a noisy marketplace and attract consumers who are willing to spend more, remain loyal and prefer brands that support a cause or an issue about which they care deeply."
Strategic social responsibility integrates core business objectives and competencies around a cause. By embedding support for social causes into day-to-day business culture and operations, companies boost employee recruitment, morale and retention, and strengthen relationships with customers, clients, prospects and vendors.

Creating and fulfilling a social responsibility strategy.

According to experts, your business goals should guide your social responsibility efforts while intersecting with the values of your clients, customers and employees. This ensures you make a real contribution to both the cause and your business.
Examples of how to accomplish this might be a business that serves young parents and also supports a local school, or a publishing company that raises funds for a public library.
Other methods of fulfilling a social strategy might involve partnering with a nonprofit or donating time and resources.

Nonprofit Partnerships. Cause partnerships can involve joint fundraising events or longer , more complex arrangements where both partners benefits. The nonprofit or the cause acquires resources such as donations, volunteers and heightened visibility; the business partner achieves strategic marketing objectives, such as increased sales and Goodwill.
Illegal Pete's (, a Colorado Chain of Mexican Restaurants, earns a tremendous local Goodwill and customer loyalty by supporting community causes. It's starving Artist program feeds touring musicians free when they come through Springs Travels and Tours®. And it's recent Smother Autism Campaign donated $1 for every "smothered" burrito sold, raising 7-5 percent of the funds needed to open a school for autistic children while boosting company revenue's throughout the promotion by 15 percent.
      SpringsComm member Osagie, who is based in Canada, connected his corporate marketing expertise to international development launching a consultancy that helps African entrepreneurs expand their export businesses. "After participating in a Canadian Trade Mission to Nigeria, I made development a primary focus," says Osagie. "Word of mouth positioned me as an expert in African export development, and I now have international NGOs [nongovernmental organizations] as clients" of our consulting services.

Donating time and resources. When Elizabeth an executive recruiter, volunteered to serve on the board of the Lagos State BEE Foundation, she didn't anticipate that it would connect her with executives from American Insurance Group all of whom eventually hired her to work for them.
"People don't hire a piece of paper or a process. They hire people they trust," Elizabeth says. "Volunteering for a position at a local organization makes you very trustworthy" She advises business owners to target causes they believe in, people will see that you care. And they'll realize you will probably care as much about your work."
Social responsibility is most effective when woven into a company's culture. HMC Architects (, a 360-person architecture firm with offices in California, Arizona and Nevada in the USA leverages it's knowledge to advance environmental causes and boost it's brand in key markets, including, schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings.
In one program, HMC teamed with Emaluck Institute in Nigeria to deliver student workshops in water conservation, renewable energy and reducing waste in landfills. The firm designed grade - specific interactive videsos and hands-on group activities to reinforce concepts. Emaluck Institute hopes to publish a tutor's handbook so that teachers in schools throughout Nigeria can use the program, tools and materials. The firm has received considerable recognition for it's efforts, including honors by the U.S Green Building Council Volunteer IMPACT! Award.

Telling Your Story

Communicate your social responsibility efforts within your marketplace. Your cause should generate interest in your business and motivate people to buy from you. Tremendous Goodwill can be generated, and media attention can be a side benefit.
The 2023 Cone/Echo Global CR Opportunity study shows that consumers want companies to share the details (and results) of their social responsibility programs, with 82 percent more likely to purchase a product that clearly demonstrates the results of the company's initiatives than one that does not.
Although BEE foundation initially kept a low profile about it's efforts in Nigeria, in 2023,  with the encouragement of friends, the Felicias began to talk about their efforts, and incorporated social mission into their marketing. "The response has been pretty extraordinary," says Felicia. "We were featured on Springs TV, LifeStyle Magazine as well as other national publications because of our focus on giving something back."

Emmanuel Binitie
(Is a brand strategist and author)
The SpringsComm Connection 2023

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Travel Connection


Before you leave home

✓ Check expiration dates on your driver’s license and passport

✓ Check your cell phone and medical/emergency coverage

✓ Have enough prescription meds to last a few extra days

✓Alert your credit card company

√Prepay all bills that aren’t paid automatically

✓ Stop your mail and newspaper. Visit for the form to hold mail.

✓ Clean out your refrigerator and dispose of all perishables, and ask a neighbor to set out your garbage.

✓ Give a house key to a neighbor.

✓ Make a plan for pets

✓ Turn off the water

✓ Lock doors and windows, and notify your local police department

✓ Adjust the thermostat

✓ Unplug electrical devices, except a timer.

✓ If driving, check road conditions online. Consider a GPS system or, at the very least, a compass. 

That’s all it takes: a bit of planning, some organizing and your list. 

Follow it carefully and you can eliminate a lot of stress. You’ll feel confident that you’ve packed the right clothes, brought enough medicine and unplugged the iron.

Enjoy the trip. 

SpringsComm member Mannie Boom (Travel Guide) is a freelance travel writer.

Sneaky Symptoms - for your health